Signs Your Boss is Thinking About Firing You

Losing your job is never an easy thing, especially when it happens suddenly, without any warnings. It is important for an employee to be able to notice the subliminal red flags that could announce a potential lay off. This way, he/she will be more able to recognize them, act upon them, and maybe take it with a better perspective. Here are a few signs your boss is secretly planning your exit.

1. They are watching your every move

If your boss suddenly starts micromanaging you, it might mean that you are doing something wrong. Most often, this is not a good sign. It shows that your boss no longer thinks they can trust you to get the job done. This is a red flag for any employee. It is an indicator that you are under close control and should watch your every move. However, this is not a reason to get all paranoid. If you notice some micromanagement habits from your boss, it could be that they are considering promoting you or making you switch departments. Do not be afraid to clearly communicate with your boss, ask questions, and share your concerns. This will save you moments of anxiety and stress.

2. You get several bad evalutations in a row

Evaluations are a reflection of how your boss/manager thinks you have been perfoming in the last months or year. Getting several poor evaluations is a sign that they are not satisfied with your performance. It is a way for them to tell you, “if you don’t get yourself together, we are going to have a problem”. Make sure they give you a clear idea of what you need to change or start doing in order to improve your performance.

3. Your work is being redistributed

When your work is bein assigned to other colleague, it might be that they are discretely planning your leave. If they do so without you asking for a lighter work load, it is a sign that they think you cannot handle the work anymore. If you notice that actions are taken to assign your work to others, ask management why they have decided to do so and if there is anything else you could do to compensate.

4. Your coworkers are acting weird

Chances are, some other people will know when you are about to get laid off. This will add some tension in the atmosphere because some coworkers won’t know exactly how to act. If things get awkward in the cafeteria and people start avoiding you, you should ask yourself questions. If they are not planning you a surprise party or baby shower… it’s a red flag.

5. They are downsizing

When your company decides to downsize, it is not the time to stay passive because you could be the next victim. It might be because they are low on financial means or simply looking to have a more productive staff. Either way, it is a red flag. Everything you do seems to be wrong. When it seems that you are no longer doing anything right, it might be a sign that your boss no longer wants you around. You will get many discreet negative feedbacks, often by emails to avoid direct communication. If this is the case, it is probably a sign that your boss has already made plans in his/her head to let you go and is no longer making any efforts.

As hard as losing your job might be to accept, it is a part of the process. If you think you are about to lose your job, it is the right time to start searching. Short Stints provides all the tools you’ll need to get connected with the right recruiters. Sign up today!

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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How to Enjoy Your Vacation Without Work Getting in the Way

Taking time off is a necessity every employee should not neglect. Working too much without taking the necessary time to recharge, can result in anxiety, stress, burnouts, and many sicknesses. However, even while taking some time off, most employees are still glued to their laptop or phone, trying to get some work done. How can you, as an employee, be able to relax more and enjoy your vacation without having to worry about work.

1. Take care of everything before you leave

The best way to ruin your vacation is to have unfinished business at the office. This will not only stress you out but it also won’t do your office reputation any good. Taking the time to finish every project and meet all of your deadlines. It might also benefit you to take care of things that are due right after your vacation in order for you to have a slow and peaceful comeback.

2. Take advantage of automatic options

Technology offers many tools that help you avoid behind a screen every day. You can prepare everything ahead of time and decide when you want them to be delivered. Think about it for a minute… automated emails, scheduled posts on blogs, and more. The key is to work smarter, not harder. Before going on vacation, take advantage of this luxury so that everything can still get done while you are sipping in the sun.

3. Have a planner/agenda

Plan your vacation wisely. Make sure you do not take your day off during supper busy seasons. No matter how hard your boss and colleagues try, they will still be tempted to call you or send you an email for “an important matter”. In order to avoid this, go on vacation on periods that are not so hectic. This will also help you relax more without your brain constantly wondering if things are going well back at the office.

4. See it as an opportunity to be more productive

Many employees these days tend to feel guilty for taking time off. This is largely due to a system that has programmed us to feel as if not working means doing something wrong. Taking a step back from this way of thinking, you will realize that your brain and body need this connection in order to reach their full potential. The key to enjoying your vacation is to actually feel good about it. When you understand that, after your break, you will come back more energized and productive, you will be able to fully embrace your time off.


Employees who use their vacation time work better. Find out why

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What To Remember When You Want To Give Up

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4 Ways to Personalize Your Desk

Whether or not it’s a 9 to 5, we spend a lot of time from our day at work. Regardless of being at the office or working from home, a lot of our time is spent behind a desk. This makes it important to transform our desk into a place of comfort and familiarization, making it our little “home away from home”. Here are 4 ways you can personalize you work area.

1. Pictures

Start with the walls and put some life and color to them. Whether it’s your kids’ drawing, pictures of friends and family, or your wedding day, important life moments are great things to surround yourself with. It can also be positive quotes that keep you motivated. A simple reminder of why you are working so hard.

2. Desk Plant

They might sound boring to you but studies have shown that plants in the office increase happiness and productivity. Every employee should consider adding a plant to their work area for the benefits are both physical and psychological. Try placing a plant (aloe, cactus, peace lily, etc.) and you will start noticing some positive changes. Going green is always a good idea!

3. Candles

The link betweenFragrances help bring back memories and emotions. Candles help soothe your nerves, keep you alert and relax, and boost your focus. Therefore, they are a great addition to your desk. Bring tranquility and peace to your work environment by simply adding a candle. They provide more than just good scent.

4. Coffee mug or tea cup

Since most of our time is spend behind that desk, a cup of coffee or tea helps to keep up going. A simple mug on your desk that fits your personality or has a motivational saying adds that special touch to your desk. Drink up!

Personalizing your work area and making it a comfortable suit for us increases our productivity and decreases our stress level. Accessorize it, make it organized and inviting.


How to feel relaxed and energized at work?

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How can I stay calm during my job interview?


Getting ready for an interview is a very important part of the job search process. If you want to nail your interview, it is crucial that you feel well prepared. Many candidates focus on the formal part of this preparation: paper work, review emails etc but neglect the internal part, which is feeling great on the inside in order to feel well and alert during the interview.

Get enough sleep the previous day

Get enough sleep so that you feel awake and alert for your interview. Suffering from fatigue will make you nervous and moody the next day. Get  8 full hours of rest, stay away from the noise and get the beauty sleep you need to nail your interview.

Wear comfortable clothes

I order to look relaxed and comfortable, you need to actually FEEL comfortable. Wearing clothes that are too tight or that simply do not make you feel good in your skin will have a negative impact on your performance. find what works best for you while still comforting the the company’s standards. Make sure you can breathe and move properly. Nobody wants their pants to rip as they reach out to shake their recruiter’s hand.

Boost your energy level

Find natural ways to boost your energy such as vegetables, fruits and nuts that will make you feel more focused and alert before your interview instead of stressed and exhausted. Feeling great will tremendously impact the way you carry yourself through the interview. The better you feel, the better you will be able to answer the questions and be yourself.


Avoid stress

Avoid exposing yourself to things that stress you out: news, noisy kids and more. Make sure you have all the peace and quiet you need to feel energized. You might not realise this right away but your brain stocks up a lot of information that will later on reflect on your overall health. If you want to feel great for your interview, filter the information you let in your mind.



Interviewers also need to get ready to interview their candidates: Also Read>

3 ways interviewers can prepare themselves to interview their candidates

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Creative Gifts for Colleagues/Employees

Gifts are a traditional way to show your appreciation for someone. When it comes to holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions, gifts to employees/colleagues are a good way to show that you value them and recognize their importance to the company. However, choosing the correct gift for someone other than a family member or a close friend is not always an easy task. Here are a few gift ideas for your employees/colleagues.

1. Spa

The workplace is full of tension, stress, and anxiety. It’s common for employees to feel overwhelmed with work and sleep deprived. We all need time to take a step back and relax. A spa voucher is a great gift for employees/colleagues because it’s a way of offering them peace to take the accumulating negative energy off their back. A spa is quiet, therefore relaxing. It rejuvenates your body and gives you the boost needed to feel new again.

2. Staycation with their spouse

A staycation is a perfect way to go away and leave your responsibilities behind without really going away. It is a perfect gift because you can forget about travel time while embracing cocktail time. It is an escape that doesn’t require a stretch on your budget. Offering someone at the office a staycation is a great idea regarding the fact that they won’t need to travel nor ask for days off. It is the perfect way to have them come back to work and have a “Brag Monday” about their amazing trip.

3. Sweet treats

Just like the Snicker commercials showed us, sometimes all you need to cool down is a taste of something sweet. It’s always nice to have something to nibble on, especially in the office. It gives you a simple moment of happiness that might be beneficial to your mood. Giving your employee/colleague a jar filled with their favorite candy is a great gift to consider for small occasions. It shows them that you know a little something extra about them other than their office capabilities.

4. Pay for their (…) membership

Everyone has that special thing that they can’t go a day without. Some people are workout fanatics and can’t funtion properly if they don’t get in their daily dose of sweat at the gym. Some, on the other hand, can’t function properly without coffee, music, etc.. Paying for their monthly membership at the gym, their spotify/apple music membership, or giving them a month’s worth of their usual coffee at their regular coffee shop will give them a pleasant surprise. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that your gift will be put to great use.

5. Dinner at your place

Invite other coworkers and open up a bottle of wine. Celebrating someone from the office at your place is more personal and will have the employee/colleague feel like they are part of a family.

6. Fun mug

If your employee/colleague is a coffee or tea lover, why not give them a fun mug that matches their personality. They will surely appreciated and it will of course be put to great use!

7. Desk plant

Boring to some but not to a nature lover. If your employee is the nature lover type, they will surely enjoy a small desk plant that will make them feel closer to nature.

Small, medium, or large, a gift can turn a frown upside down. It shows that you care and appreciate those who work with you.

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How to Market Yourself


In order to market yoursel successfully, it is important to know what you are selling. You need to know why you stand out from other people, what makes you unique, and why people should choose you instead of going in the other direction. If you want to succeed in today’s society, you must market yourself otherwise, competition will outstand you. Here are a few 5 ways to market yourself.

1. Keep up your reputation

The reputation a business owner is important for his/her growth. You want your customers to be aware of your capabilities and give you their full trust. Every satisfied customer is a positive word of mouth that leads to more clients.

2. Stay up to date

Staying in the known about what is happening in your industry is crucial. As an entrepreneur, to market yourself properly, you need to be knowledgealbe about everything going on in your field. People won’t hire a tech guy if he is not familiar with the new system of technology or how to operate it. Staying up to date with your industry and showing people that you are one step ahead will give you a great advantage. Demonstrate that you know what you are doing and people will know to come to you.

3. Know who your targeted audience

In order to effectively market yourself, one must know his/her targeted audience. While planning your business, setting you targeted audience is an essential step. You need to know who your product/service is going to attract and how to make people invest in it. If your busines promotes the green life, it might not be a good choice to attend events that promote chemical based product.

4. Ready, set, pitch!

What’s brillant about you? You should be able to answer that question confidently no matter who is asking. Your elevator pitch is a powerful selling tool to have as a business owner. Anyone asking you what you do or what your business is about could be your next potential customer or business partner. What you answer could be the ultimate turning point for your business.

5. Build an online network

Effective online marketing is a great way to have consumers keep in touch with business owners and their progress. Simple resources such as a subscription enables consumers to stay up to date with you, your product/services, or anything in the near future of your company.

Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints



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Why Networking Is Important for Your Business’ Growth

Everyone is familiar with St. Augustine’s quote, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”. In the business world, entrepreneurs who do not network are only planting a seed without ever watering it. Here are a few reasons why networking is fundamental for the growth of every business.

1. It allows your business to be known

Getting noticed is a huge benefit of networking. Simply present yourself at social and business event and inform people of your business. This will lead you to create great partnerships, leads, and referrals. The more events you attend, the more people will recognize you, and the more likely they will be to think of you when they need what you offer.

2. Opportunities

Networking is all about spotting good opportunities and attacking them. Opportunities will present themselves to you in any form or at any time. It might be a partnership or a request for your product/services. It is important for you to learn how to  spot them and be ready to ceize whenever they come along. Every oppotunity taken is concidered to be a step forward to a successful business.

3. Receiving advice you didn’t know you needed

Never underestimate the power of attending a networking event. Being at a networking event is like swimming in a pool of a variety of business owners from whom you can acquire advice and expertise.

4. Contacts

Without even knowing it, everyone has a personal-professional network that is established before they even start a business. It consists of family members, friends, classmates, professors, past employers/colleagues, etc.. Never fail to take advantage of those contacts for they are your easiest connections. Remember, everyone you know/meet is a possible contact. Always exchange business cards because who knows, the man/woman you have a short conversation with in a bathroom might bring you to great opportunities.

The benefits of networking are broad. Business owners who truly value networking and partake in every aspect of it are the go-getters, open minded, and positive people who others want to be associated. Remember that the growth of you business is dependent on the connections you make.


6 Tips for succesful business networking

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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10 Inspiring Quotes Every Employee Should Know

Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward. – Brian Tracy



When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home. –  Betty Bender


Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them. – Les Brown

The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply. – Denis Waitley






“Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.” -Jack Dorsey



Everyone has been made for a particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. – Rumi

No matter how good you are you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part. – Tiger Woods


Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender, it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment. – Stephen Covey



 All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership. – John Kenneth Galbraith


My best advice to entrepreneurs is this: Forget about making mistakes, just do it. – Ajaero Tony Martins


Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints


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How Taking Care of Your Health Can Increase Your Creativity in the Office

When it comes to health, what’s happening on the inside is what will reflect on the outside. No wonder adrenal fatigue affects more than half of the Americans, causing brain fog, low energy, poor sleep, exhaustion, and moodiness. These symptoms not only affect you but significantly affect your productivity in the workplace. Here is why…

1. You do not feel like working

When you are not feeling well on the inside, it directly affects your motivation. You will not feel like delivering your best and this will impact your performance. Remember that personal motivation is one of the fundamental keys to success. Feeling sick and low on energy causes you to lose interest for whatever it is you need to do.

2. You get into arguments with your colleagues

When you’re feeling sick, you are more irritable and more likely to get into conflicts with your colleagues. You will tend to blame them for your symptoms (a headache, moodiness, etc.). This will not only affect your environment but hinder your team’s growth as it will become more difficult to work together.


3 tips to avoid conflict in the workplace

3. Your creativity is hindered

Dealing with poor health will hinder your creativity because you will no longer have the desire or motivation to generate new ideas. You will simply want to complete your basic tasks and leave so you can get some rest. This is not the characteristic of a great employee.

Overall, health issues are a handicap to your personal and professional development. This is why it is important to identify your symptoms as quickly as possible and do what you need to do to reverse them:

1. Get proper sleep

Sleep is fundamental if you want to feel more energized at work. Do your best to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Get eight hours of sleep every night and make sure you stop using your phone about one hour before your bedtime so your brain has time to destress.

2. Change your diet

If you’re feeling low on energy, your diet probably has a big role to play in it. Reduce your conception of processed food and add more greens and fruits to your diet. Contact a nutritionist if you have to in order to learn more about the vitamins and supplements that work best for you.

3. Do not get burned out

Do not wait for your body to crash before you slow down. Learn to recognize your body’s red flag. Take advantage of your vacation days, avoid working overtime, and take the time you need to recover.


Employees who use their vacation time work better. Find out why

4. Ask for help

Many company’s HR departments can provide the help you are looking for. If you are not feeling well, it is important that you talk about your symptoms instead of hiding them. The sooner you address the issue, the sooner they will be able to help you.

Do not take your health lightly. The better you feel, the quicker you will be able to attain your personal goals and be a great employee to the company you are serving.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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