Everyone wants to find the perfect job. Too many people are stuck with jobs they aren’t happy with – due to income, or an employer or work they’re not passionate about. It’s a tough place to be. We all want to find the perfect job, right?

Identify your passion and what you’re naturally good at. Reflecting on both these aspects will help you target what the perfect job looks like to you. It also makes it easier to identify actions you need to take to get there.

Discover how to make money doing what you love. It isn’t unheard of to hear about big time corporate executives giving up their high paying jobs in lieu of a job that pays less but they’re happy with.

Finding the Perfect Temporary Job

Once you know what you want to do, brainstorm ways you can make money doing it. Temporary jobs, short term work, seasonal and temp positions are all great ways to find your perfect job.

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Reflect on the past. Look at the jobs you’ve had in your life. Then identify the jobs or careers you’d like to have. Note the jobs you liked, didn’t like, and why. Then, rearrange your job list in order of importance. Which one speaks to you? Perfection is defined by you – no one can define it for you.

Enjoying the Temp Job

Take action. This is the most important step. Money can bring happiness, but only to a point. The rest is up to you.

What’s your biggest job search struggle? What’s your dream job?

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