Smart, ambitious job seekers can still obtain their dream job without attending a top-tier university. You don’t need an Ivy League education to succeed in life. Oxford and American Ivy League schools don’t measure your creativity, skills, or capabilities. They just show how much you paid for your education.

All it gives you is a top-tier reputation, but that doesn’t do much. You gain the spotlight through your skills, relevant experience, volunteer work, short term work, internships, and so forth.

Find the Right Internship
Find the Right Internship

Identify what your dream job isn’t. You know what your dream job entails. What about what your dream job is not?

Use no’s to your advantage; you only need one yes. You have to work hard to get there.

Build a network. This is an essential step. It can lead to jobs not posted on job boards or websites. You can’t build a network when you never leave your house.

Networking for Internships
Networking for Internships

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Do things other candidates aren’t doing to stand out. Does that mean completing seasonal projects, temporary positions, or internships on your off time? Do it and add it to your resume and portfolio.

Look at what’s available right now. Do your research. Acquire any skills or licenses you don’t currently have.

Show more than your resume. Don’t rely on it entirely to show who you are and your experience and skills. Create and maintain a portfolio to show off your work. Show employers what you can do. Prove what you say you can do.

How will you get your dream job?

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