In 2002, Bill Gates said there will be two types of businesses, those with a website and those with no business at all. For your company to grow, you need an online presence. With more work to do to gain exposure and upkeep a digital presence, you’ll need to staff more employees, whether full-time or for temporary jobs and short term work. How can you find staff to your business?

1. Short term and seasonal projects. It isn’t practical to employ too many full-time staff positions unless you’re gaining profits, and they’re needed. For short term work and seasonal projects, grow your business with the little overhead cost of temp employees. Hire these employees on an “as needed basis”. It can also include interns, freelancers, and consultants.

Hiring for Temporary Jobs
Hiring for Temporary Jobs

2. Job boards and job sites. Job sites prove to be extremely helpful in recruiting employees. If you need to fill temporary jobs and seasonal positions specifically, there are sites dedicated to fulfilling these recruitment needs. The average job post receives 128 applicants. There’s plenty of professional and qualified temp staff out there.

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3. Networking. A network is an essential part of building your business and setting it up for success. Your network doesn’t have to be exclusively professional. You can reach out to family, friends, past colleagues, neighbors, and even acquaintances to spread word you’re hiring. Word can travel fast.

Networking for  Temporary Work
Networking for Temporary Jobs

4. Colleges and universities. Career and guidance offices can prove to be invaluable. Campuses are full of students in need of work, but many can’t commit to full-time positions. Internships, seasonal, and temp positions are an excellent way to recruit students who want to be successful.

Which staffing method will you implement to grow your business?

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