Keeping your remote team of seasonal and temporary staff can be a significant challenge. You aren’t occupying the same office space every day, and your staff members could live on different continents. Let’s explore a few ways you can keep your remote team motivated.

Use a collaboration program. There’s nothing more confusing to employers and employees than miscommunication. Or not staying in the loop on short term work or a project. Solve this with tools designed for collaborations.

Treat them with respect. Regardless, if your employees are seasonal to fill temp positions, respect them like you would any other employee. They are an employee of yours. And word travels about how you treat your staff. It’ll be easier to find employers to work for you if you have a solid reputation.

Temporary Jobs
Temporary Jobs

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Create a clear method for communication and keep in touch. Reach out to your remote staff and interns often, even if it’s to check in on how they’re doing, and the projects they’re working on. Outline your preferred form of communication, if you’d like updates, and how often you will be checking in.

Let your employees know you notice their work and it’s appreciated. If they far exceeded your expectations on a project, tell them. Provide positive feedback when it’s warranted. It encourages them to continue doing great work.

Short Term Work
Short Term Work

Be passionate about your business. Chances are if you’re enthusiastic about your work, they’ll be enthusiastic about the work they’re doing and working for you. And a positive atmosphere is great for team morale.

What’s your biggest challenge keeping your remote team motivated?

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