Scoring an interview is the first step in landing the job of your dreams. It’s also nerve-racking because this is the hardest step for most promising candidates. Regardless if you’re interviewing for short term or seasonal work, an internship, or even to fill temp positions, you need to do great to land the job. What can you do to have an interview you can be proud of?

Interview for Short Term Work
Interview for Short Term Work

• Don’t get hung up on the “tell me what you do” portion of the interview.

• Prepare your elevator pitch. It should be 30 seconds and get straight to the point.

• Don’t hesitate to talk about your accomplishments. But don’t boast.

• Show off company knowledge. You want to work there, not just any place. Let   me know you want to work there.

• Dress appropriately. And get used to the clothing a few days before the interview.

• Bring your portfolio, resume or CV.

• Shake their hand firmly. Even if they don’t offer first.

Interview for Temporary Work
Interview for Temporary Work

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• Research the job description beforehand. Tailor your skills to what they’re looking for.

• Your major accomplishment doesn’t have to be something professional related to the interview. It could even be you completing your first 300-page novel.

• Come up with a list of questions to ask at the conclusion of the interview.

• Ask about the next steps in the hiring process.

• Don’t forget to thank them. And follow up with a personal thank you note or email.

• What’s your biggest job interview struggle?

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