Not every job post is well-written. Every detail matters when you post an open position for your company–for short term and season work, temp positions, and internships. The average job seeker spends 90 seconds reviewing a job post before deciding their action. Let’s explore ways you can make sure your job post is effective and successful.

Does it contain a clear, concise job title? The title is the first thing job seekers see. Make sure it catches their attention, and it matches your job description.

Can the job title be found with general job search terms? If candidates can’t find your job, they can’t apply. You risk unqualified applicants applying or qualified candidates passing over your post.

Free Job Posting
Free Job Posting

Are you pitching potential employees successfully? Show job seekers what you offer. Employees provide the company their valuable time and skills. They want a company that cares about them as much as they need workers.

Is the position and its responsibilities described accurately? This section needs to describe briefly the main duties involved in the job. Candidates use it to decide if the functions align what they’re willing to do.

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Do you offer an accurate description of your company? Candidates use this information to determine whether your job is a fit for them or not. Be accurate.

Post a Job for free
Post a Job for free

Did you include easy to find qualifications and skills? Like the description and responsibilities, briefly describe the required qualifications and desired skills. Don’t make the list too long; otherwise, you’ll alienate candidates.

Is the job ad SEO and keyword rich? It ensures search engines can find you, or If applicants are searching job boards, your job ad comes up in relevant search results.

Do you end with a Call to Action (CTA)? People need to be prompted to take action. Encourage your viewer to apply for the position.

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