Landing a job is hard work. The process is often long, and many positions aren’t posted for the public. How can you make people want to hire you?

Research their company. Show an interest in working for them. Many applicants apply to any place, hoping they can get an interview. Most are not qualified for the position.

Focus on the Top Three Skills. Showcase your expertise and qualifications in every position you’ve held, including freelance and short term work, seasonal and temp positions, and internships. Focus on the top three skills the company is looking for. They’re the most important. Weave those into your resume or CV, cover letter, and bring it up during the interview. Be confident and show proof of what you can do.

Temporary Jobs
Temporary Jobs

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Ask questions. When they conclude the interview asking if you have any questions, ask them questions. Do not reply, “No, that’s all.” Ask how they like their work, what drew them to the company, how long they’ve been working there, etc. The more conversational you are, the more likely the recruiter/ employer will remember you.

Say thank you. Send an email or a handwritten card thanking the interviewer for their time and tell them you look forward to hearing from them. Again, stay on their mind. With the average job post receiving 128 applications, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Interview for  Temporary Jobs
Interview for Temporary Jobs

Show an interest outside of work. Have hobbies or passions. Show commitment to something, besides work. Work on side projects, volunteer, or pursue something a passion. If an employer sees you’ve committed to something else in your life, they’re more likely to see you as a committed and reliable future employee.

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