Many companies rely on a recruiter to find talent for short term and seasonal work, temp positions, freelance projects, and internships. They’re trusted to find professional, skilled talent that is a good fit for the company. They can be your best business pal.

It’s their job to find qualified candidates for employees, help them through the interview process, and get them hired, if all goes according to plan. Here are some tips to get the most out of working with a recruiter.

Don’t ignore them. If they’ve emailed or called you, reply or return the call as soon as you’re able. This lets them know you’re interested in the job. Recruiters understand you’re busy and can’t get back to them right away, but don’t ignore them. They’re there to help.

Applying for Temporary Jobs
Applying for Temporary Jobs

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Be honest. Don’t lie to your recruiter. If a recruiter is telling you about positions that don’t match your interests, have a conversation with them so they know which positons you’re looking for in the future. Be upfront about your skills and experience.

Create a LinkedIn profile. Write a thorough profile. Many employers and recruiters look at applicant’s social media profiles. LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site. Keep it up to date, have a professional headshot, and make sure all the relevant information is there. It could make or break your case.

Use your recruiter as a resource. They’re there to help you. They understand the hiring process better than anyone, and are there to help you land a job. Ask them questions, ask for feedback. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Short Term Work
Short Term Work

Trust your recruiter. You must trust your recruiter is doing all they can to help you. They have busy lives, and you aren’t their only candidate or employer reaching out. Give them some time to get back to you and take their advice.

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