Getting an interview is one of the hardest points of job hunting. You have to send in countless applications hoping someone will invite you for an interview. But the interview is the scariest process. It’s more than making eye contact and answering questions. Here are tips to avoid making these interview mistakes that could cost you.

Not asking questions. Employers like when candidates come prepared with questions to ask, regardless if the positon is short term, seasonal, or temporary. It’s your time to delve into the brain of the company’s employee – your interviewer.

Interview for Temporary Jobs
Interview for Temporary Jobs

Being too persistent. It comes across more desperate more than driven. Employers want to know you’re genuinely interested in the position, and you’re a good fit. But calling the office three times a day taints your image.

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Not following up. Send a thank you note or email. Applicants who don’t show a genuine interest in the job won’t be picked. It takes a second after the interview to send off a card or shoot an email. It shows you go the extra mile and care about the position.

Being too causal. Interviews are a formal setting that calls for business casual attire. Some companies are more lenient and relaxed; however, you’re entering into a professional environment. Act and dress like it, regardless of how well you know the person.

Interview for Internships
Interview for Internships

Talking about money. Discussing pay and money right away is a red flag. It lets employers know you’re more interested in the pay than how you can help their company. Ask this later in the hiring process.

Lack of company knowledge. If you don’t know anything about the business you’re interviewing for, why do you want to work there? How do you know they’re a good fit? It also shows laziness or lack of interest. You should have knowledge about the company you want to call your future employer.

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