You’ve probably heard of an elevator pitch. It’s a short 30-second speech that tells people who you are and what you do. You probably think they’re boring and obsolete. But they’re not. In fact, a great elevator pitch could land you your next job or major project. But there’s no doubt they’re challenging.

It’s the part where everyone fumbles, and it’s also the interviewer’s first impression of you. You need to catch the attention of an employer who has 20 other things on their to-do list. How can you master your elevator pitch?

Elevator Pitch for Temp Jobs
Elevator Pitch for Temp Jobs

Script it. Create a list with all the information you’d like to include, and then write it down as you would say it aloud. Scripting helps you memorize it and delete what isn’t necessary.

Test it. Read it aloud and time it. Test it several times and play with how you word sentences and how long you take pauses. It shouldn’t be much longer than 30 seconds.

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Practice, practice, practice. You need to get it right and be able to use it at a moment’s notice. Networking is an essential place to use it as well, even if you’re looking for short term or seasonal work, internships, or a temp position.

Interview for Temporary Work
Interview for Temporary Work

Improves your confidence. If you know what to say, and you’re confident in your abilities, you’ll come across as a strong candidate your interviewer is more likely to remember.

Tell them how you can help. You need to “sell” yourself. Emphasize the value you can give the employer as a future employee. Show them how your skills will help them.

What’s your elevator speech?

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