An internship is a stepping stone you can use to start your career. It could be the special reference to get your foot in the door or the home of your future full-time employer. How can you turn your internship into a career?

Do things without being told. Employers love when they don’t have to micromanage employees. Especially interns who may or may not be paid for fill temp positions and completing seasonal and short term work. Be proactive and do tasks that need to be done without being asked.

Take on projects. Take on seasonal and short term projects where help is needed. If you see they could use an extra hand, dive in. It makes an impression.

Apply for Internships
Apply for Internships

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Don’t leave any loose ends. Your internship will be a reference, so make sure it’s a great reference. And if you’re a college student, sometimes your internship is graded. It could harm your grades and your career if you sabotage your ties.

Go the extra mile. If your boss stays late to finish a project, offer to stay and help. Sometimes going the extra mile means waking up early to open the door and staying late to close those doors. Do it. It will help you and your employer in the end.

Internship Jobs
Internship Jobs

 Interact with people. If you want your employer to be your future colleague, you need to get to know them. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and build work relationships. You’ll make a big impression this way. Ask questions, lot of them. But don’t overwhelm your colleagues.

Do you have any tips for turning an internship into a career?

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