Maintaining employee enthusiasm is a challenge. Studies show employee interest begins to drop after six months at a new job. Then, it drops further once an employee reaches a year of employment, five years of work, and is almost non-existent after ten years with a company. What are some ways to maintain employee enthusiasm?

Positive feedback. Let your employees know they’re appreciated. Don’t just offer criticism and performance reviews. Communicate to your employees when they’re doing well, and do it often. It isn’t coddling them.

Praising your Temp Employees

Be enthusiastic. Show your employees you’re not only happy to have them work for your company, but also be enthusiastic about your business and the work you do. Enthusiasm spreads in the workplace.

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Treat everyone fairly. Most policies are put in place based on 5% of employees that are not good employees. Strip harsh policies for minor infractions so good employees who make mistakes don’t feel as if you’re always pointing fingers.

Value your employees. Employees make up the most important component of your business, regardless if they fill temporary jobs, internships, or seasonal and short term work. Let your employees know they’re part of the partnership that makes the company successful.

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How do you keep your staff enthusiastic about their job?

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