In the US, unemployment is a major issue. Many job seekers have been jobless for more than a year. Unemployment can take a toll on your life – your finances, relationships, and mental well-being. Your confidence is low, and you may have gotten laid off or fired. However, there are ways to overcome unemployment.

Consider non-traditional jobs. Freelancing, temp positions, seasonal and short term work, and internships all fall into non-traditional jobs. Today, more companies and small businesses are seeking out employees that fall into these categories. Search websites and job boards dedicated to temporary jobs.

Taking on Temporary Work
Taking on Temporary Work

Use your network. Talk to anyone and everyone you know, including acquaintances. Get the word out you’re looking for a job and having your friends and family ask around. You may be surprised an offer, or two comes your way. Reach to former colleagues at your last job as well. They may be an excellent resource of potential employment.

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Develop a niche or skill set. If you haven’t had luck finding employment, you may have to get creative. Developing a niche or skill set can make you a highly desirable choice for people seeking the experience and expertise you have. Become an expert in your industry. The more you know, the more valuable you become to potential employers.Taking On Freelance Jobs

Continue your education. In some states, you can get paid to go back to a community college to learn a new skill if you’ve been unemployed more than two years. If you don’t have a college education, consider getting one. Most employers require a college degree as a mandatory requirement for employment.

What’s your biggest unemployment struggle?

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