Chances are if you’re looking for a graduate internship, you are recently graduated and seeking to make yourself a better job candidate. Or if you’re graduating soon, it’s an excellent way to get ahead in the job market. Either way, graduate internships and other forms of temp positions and short term work are valuable. What are the signs your internship is going well?

More responsibility. The harder the projects become, or the longer they take can be good. They can suck up more of your time, but your boss is confident in your work ethic and abilities. It can also help to find problems and work out solutions. Don’t wait around for work.

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Your boss likes you. If your boss is friendly with you, and even goes out of their way to introduce you to people in the office, things are going well. If it’s a paid internship, even better. According to InternMatch, paid internships are three times more likely to result in employment compared to their unpaid counterparts.

They ease up. Easing up means they’ve begun to trust you because you present well or do a good job every time. They no longer have to watch over your shoulder or breathe down your neck to make sure you’re doing it right. Your boss’s approval is crucial.

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Ask how you’re doing. It may seem insignificant, but if your supervisor actively asks how you’re doing and listens, it means they value you as an employee, and see you as an asset to their team. It’s an excellent sign.

How do you know if your internship is going well?

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