Company culture is one of the ways employees describe their work environment. A company’s culture is the company’s vision, values, norms, symbols, systems, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. Before saying yes, you need to look at a company’s culture. Here are some things you need to consider before you accept a job offer.

Compensation and benefits. What’s the salary? Do they offer insurance, dental, a 401K, and other benefits? Are they up to par with the company’s competitors? Don’t say yes without knowing your pay and benefits. Know the value of your skills and experience.

Company Culture
Employee Appreciation

Show employee appreciation. Do they show their employees they value their work and enjoy having them on their team? Are there bonuses, appraisals, or awards? A company without one of these elements may not value their employees.

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Formal training. Does the company invest in formal training to ensure new employees and current employees are properly trained? Training ensures employees understand their job duties and functions. Companies must invest in their employees for a successful future.

Formal Company Training
Company Training

Company communication. Does the company communicate well? Can employees reach managers when they need? How do colleagues treat one another? Is there an open door policy? Poor communication can lead to stress, confusion, and a disappointing work experience.

Your values match. Do your values match those of the company? You’ll find some of this in the mission statement; however, how the company plays out that mission statement is crucial. Talk to different members of the team, and make connections on LinkedIn to get insight into the company. You can also address some of these questions during the job interview.

What else do you consider before accepting a job offer?

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