During your job search, you’ve probably learned you need to tailor your resume for each job application. Each company will have a list of desired skills, experience, and qualifications in their job descriptions or job post. It’s important to match their language in your resume and even your cover letter.

Doing this will maximize your chances of human eyes looking at your resume. You need to make it past recruitment management and keyword search software first. Then, you can catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters based on their desired lists of qualifications and skills.

Resume Tips

Once you master this, you’ll have a better chance of getting an interview and moving along the hiring process. Here are the top tips for using resume keywords.

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How to Find Keywords
The reason you tailor your resume to each job ad is because you want to include essential skills and qualifications, also known as keywords. You want companies to know you have what they’re looking for.

Most companies have six key skills they’re looking for. Identify these in the job ad, job description, and the company’s about page. Then, include them in your resume. You can also research relevant keywords for the job position or industry.

How to Include Keywords
Once you’ve found a list of keywords to use in your resume, highlight them using bullets in your skills and experience sections, and when describing your former jobs roles.

Resume Tips
Adding Keywords

You can also choose to include important keywords in your cover letter as well; however, you want to be strategic about placement. Highlight what matters, but it needs to be unique, and not as if you copied and pasted the job ad on your resume.

What are your resume keywords tips?

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