Have you wanted to create strong bonds between your team? The problem is you aren’t sure how to do it, or what to do. Team building exercises and activities don’t have to empty your company’s wallet, or cost much – if anything – at all.

There are plenty of activities you can do with your team to build relationships, respect, and a strong team. Here are 3 team building exercises for your employees.

  1. Lunch Groups

Lunch groups are an excellent way to have employees problem-solve in groups. You can reserve a spot at a favorite restaurant, or cater to one of the meeting rooms.

Give your staff a problem, put them in groups, provide lunch, and ask them to come up with solutions.

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Your employees will bond by solving problems, and enjoy a meal together. Plus, they’ll appreciate the delicious food.

  1. Charity Events

Charity events are a great way to get your team together outside the workplace. What’s better than partaking in a charity event together?

You can encourage employees to volunteer together or even participate in a charity event. For instance, 5K races/walks or spending time passing out food at a homeless shelter are excellent choices.

Millennials, who make up 1/3 of the workforce, are drawn to companies that volunteer or promote charity in the workplace.

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 Invite Your Staff’s Friends and Family

Many events and holidays are special in the lives of your employees. If your workplace celebrates New Year’s, Memorial Day, or another holiday, invite your staff to bring their friends and family along to a work barbecue.

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Company Barbecue

You can even designate a day for employees to bring a family member or friend to work.

Your employees will have a chance to get to know their colleagues and the important people in their life. For some workplaces, your staff may only know the work life of their co-workers.

Creating an inviting space is important to build a strong team that cares about each other.


What team building activities do you use in the workplace?


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