Is your staff unhappy? Do you have a high turnover rate? Your workplace could have some deal breakers employees cannot deal with.

According to Bamboo HR, a company that conducted a survey on employee deal breakers, there are differences between things that cross the line between annoyances and deal breakers.

It doesn’t matter if your staff is comprised of interns, temp workers, or short term and seasonal staff, it’s your job as a manager or human resources member to ensure your employees are happy.

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Do you want happy employees? Here are 5 deal breakers you want to avoid.

  1. Expected to Work Outside Work Hours or Sick Days

Bamboo HR’s survey revealed 1 in 4 employees felt being forced to work or answer emails after hours, during sick days, or while on vacation was one of the top deal breakers.

American workers work more than anyone in the world. The U.S. workforce is undoubtedly overworked. It’s no surprise employees will not appreciate having to work or answer emails while outside the office or their scheduled work hours.

  1. There Isn’t Trust Between Management and Staff

Like the previous deal breaker, 1 in 4 employees felt that if their supervisor didn’t trust or empower them, it crossed the line to be a reason to leave a job.

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Trust between supervisors and their staff is critical for workplace success, team morale, and productivity. If your boss can’t trust you, you can’t trust your boss – and vice versa. It only harms the workplace.

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  1. Management Doesn’t Take the Blame

Workplaces aren’t perfect, neither are employees. When managers don’t take responsibility for their mistakes, or place the blame on their staff, this is reason enough for employees to quit.

No one wants to be blamed for something they aren’t responsible for. It’s equally annoying when everyone involved won’t admit to the mistake and refuses to accept partial responsibility.

Management must admit their mistakes, instead of pointing fingers at their staff.

  1. Inflexible with Family Responsibilities

More women than men find workplaces that are not flexible with family responsibilities are a deal breaker – that’s 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men.

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The survey revealed mostly women between the ages of 30-44 felt the strongest about this topic.

This isn’t surprising because many working women are bearing the most responsibility for taking care of their homes and their children as opposed to men.

 Conflicts with Co-Workers

 While most employees do not want to be best friends or close to their colleagues, it is a deal breaker for many workers who do not get along.


Co-workers who have strong bonds, or who socialize with each other outside the workplace make the office a more enjoyable environment.

No one wants to work at a stressful job where you can’t stand your co-workers. Workers can find similar jobs at different companies with better staff.

Encourage and host social gatherings for your staff to build relationships, relieve stress, and create a harmonious and happy workplace.


How can you keep your employees happy? How do you handle employee deal breakers?


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