Onboarding is often an overlooked area of the hiring process. Many companies believe orientation is enough – that orientation equals onboarding. But that isn’t the case.

It’s the opposite. Orientation should be the start of onboarding, but not the whole picture.

Companies that implement successful onboarding programs see a 50% higher retention rate for new staff, in addition to a 54% increase in productivity.

Excellent onboarding programs are a win-win for employers and their employees, regardless if you’re onboarding interns, temp and seasonal workers, or short term contractors.

Hiring Tips
Make On-boarding A Better Experience

Who doesn’t want that? Let’s explore what you need for successful onboarding.

An Action Plan

Before you begin the onboarding process, you need to come to the table prepared. Your new hires will be happier, and more likely to stay.

New hires have a difficult enough time trying to find their footing in a new workplace. Make it easier on them, and your HR department by outlining steps to complete for every new team member.

You’ll want to plan out tasks to complete before their first day, on their first day, during their first week, first month, first 90 days, and so forth.

For instance, before their first day, you can send new hires a note or card. On their first day, you should make their workspace as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Prepare everything for their arrival so plans can run smoothly.

Make a Lasting Impression

Companies who stand out among their competition do things differently. One way to do this with new hires is to send them a welcome gift when they join your team.

Not every worker can say they’ve received a welcome gift when they were recruited. It leaves a lasting impression.

Hiring Tips
New Hire Gift Idea

It shows you’re excited to have them as a member of your staff, and you look forward to working with them.

You can send them a gift as soon as they accept the job offer, or choose to wait until closer to their start date. Some great gifts include coffee, a book, a gift card, or even a bottle of wine (if appropriate).

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Take Them to Lunch

During their first day or first week, taking new hires to lunch is a great way to get to know them better. It puts them at ease in their new work environment.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to immerse them in company culture and introduce them to their colleagues.

You can have a member of management buy new hires lunch outside the office, or cater food during orientation or training.

You’d be surprised what taking the time to buy a new employee lunch can do for a smoother transition. It also leads to a happier and more productive employee in the future.

Think of the little details. They will make a huge difference to your new hires and your staff. Set your employees up for success with an onboarding process that prioritizes employee success and satisfaction.


How will you improve your employee onboarding process? What are your tips for success onboarding?


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