Hiring managers and recruiters are not unfamiliar with hiring challenges. Whether you’re a startup or small business, you’ll run into several over time.

Let’s explore two hiring challenges you’ll face and how to deal with them.

Job Candidates Who Expect More

Today, the job market is different. Candidates expect more of their potential employers. Younger generations are seeking flexible work hours, the ability to work on more projects, and places where remote work is possible.

Millennials make up 1/3 of the workforce — a significant number as older generations retire. These job seekers want more from workplaces than just a place to work.

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The solution: change your age-old office rules. Today, workers are equally productive, if not more, working remotely or working more flexible hours. Not everyone wants a 9-5 job.

While it used to be employers who had all the demands, now you have to meet candidates in the middle to fill open positions – for temps, interns, short term, and any other worker.

Allowing your staff to work remotely on Fridays (if possible) is something you’ll want to consider, for instance.

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Keeping Candidates in the Loop

Today, most employees and job candidates want to know what’s going on with a company. They want to be involved.

If you’re not going to hire a candidate, let them know. Don’t beat around the bush or keep them in the dark.

Are you considering changing or updating current policies? Ask your staff for their suggestions. Or break the news to them sooner rather than later.

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Plus, potential candidates are interested in knowing more than the responsibilities of the job role. They want to know what your company culture is like, and if you’re a good fit.

During interviews, go over company culture in detail, provide a tour, and introduce them to staff. Once you extend an offer, it’ll increase your chances of them accepting the job offer, and not choosing a competitor.


What unique hiring challenges have you experienced? How did you overcome them?

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