Finding a good job is one of the most common problems that people face when they graduate. That is a point in their lives where money is a priority because they have to pay off their bills and get used to living independently. If you know a graduate who needs a job, you can refer the following ones to them:

High School Teacher

This may come as a surprise, but a high school teacher is one of the best jobs for recent graduates. The perks that come with it are great because you will get summer and winter break. One thing that you need to know is that the job requires a lot of preparation and you might have to grade the papers at home. You can expect to make around $43,000 per annum and even more if you teach a language.


Nurses can make from $39,000 to $64,000 and this indeed is a great career choice. The starting salary highly depends on the level of education and the area that they are specializing in. The job is great for people who love to help others out.

Internet Marketer

The field of internet marketing is flourishing, so graduates can apply here. They would be expected to do SEO, do e-mail marketing, and manage the social media accounts in order to promote a business. The expected salary of an internet marketer per annum is $67,000.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is a lucrative field for people straight out of college because they can earn up to $112,000. The only downside is that there will be intense pressure and people have to put in long hours as well. This is the perfect job for people who want to earn a lot of money.
Pharmaceutical Representative

Pharmaceutical Representatives can make up to $59,000 and might also get the perk of using the company’s car. There is a lot of travelling required and the person should have great communication skills. If the person does well, they can be promoted to pharmaceutical specialty sales representative where the expected salary is $73,000 per annum.

Some of the other jobs that can be considered are:

These were some of the jobs that fresh graduates can apply for to make some good money and to gain some experience. To learn more about the topic, visit

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