It’s not apples and oranges. The line between a good leader and an effective boss is quite fine. For a person who has a number of people working under them, the processes of regulating rules and inspiring people to do better becomes a hindrance.

Let’s consider the standard good boss of the 60s. They paid their employees on time, participated in office related events, and gave leave to workers who deserved them. But is that it? It’s not 1960 anymore and the boss and employee dynamics have changed.

Today’s employee would much rather work under a good leader than an effective boss, but what this same employee does not understand is that the effective boss is the one that is keeping the company afloat. The paycheck that they receive at the end of every month is because of the strict regulation of rules that has been put upon the shoulder pads of the suit wearing stern person.

They can be both

Finding the right balance between being a boss and a leader is the best way to go about it. But how can it be done? It’s simple. You have to look at your employees as people who are under your training. Don’t just bark orders and expect people to complete the work on time, clock out and clock in the next morning smiling.

A good work place always has the boss working alongside their team. If a person who has more stakes in the company is closely related to the production department of a company, they can make sure that all problems can be solved easily. That is a leader. Leader never order, they stand with their people.

To balance this out, an effective boss is required to lay down some ground rules for the employees. The rules have to be fair and accommodate all the people of the company. There should be no special preference for people in the higher position. If the clock in time is 9 AM, the boss should make sure to be in at 9 AM or earlier. You cannot enforce the rules unless you follow them well.

Some traits of a good leader:

  • Open door policy

Just because you have a designation higher than other people in the company does not mean that their opinion should not matter to you. The people who work under you are the ones who are running this company. Listen to the opinion of those around you and try to incorporate what they want within the company policies.

  • They give credit where its due

If one of the employees came up with a great idea, a good leader would make sure they mention the person’s name when it is presented to their superiors.

  • They always ask for the opinion of their employees before making a big change

The people who work under you should know what lies ahead of them. If you plan to make a big change in the company policy or the software which the company runs on, it is the duty of a good leader to take the opinion of all the people involved in it.

A good leader and an effective boss can be the same person if the person is able to find a balance in both. For an organization to flourish, a person should be able to lead well and regulate the rules accordingly.

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