“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Traveling and seeing the world with new eyes is crucial for an entrepreneur. Not only is it important to disconnect and have fun but it also produces a deep transformation inside that equips a leader to better manage his/her business.

Here are 5 reasons traveling will make you a better entrepreneur:

You are less afraid to take risks

Traveling is a risk in itself. You leave your safe nest and find yourself in an different environment. Travelers are more likely to have developed the art of facing the fear of the unknown. This is a great quality to have as an entrepreneur as you will be in situations where you need to simply take a leap of faith. Being bold even when you are not certain of the outcome is definitely a characteristic for winners.

You understand the importance of diversity

Traveling teaches the importance of embracing differences. It makes you less arrogant and helps you realize that other people’s way of doing things might be different but that it does not necessarily mean that it is wrong.  A traveler will understand the benefits of welcoming diversity in the workplace. A mix of culture will bring fresh ideas and different methods to the table.

You bond better with people

Learning to live with people who are different than you will definitely increase your empathy. You will learn to put yourself in their shoes before jumping to conclusions. This will allow you develop stronger relations with your employees and even with your clients, which is an important key to success.

You adapt to change

Traveling makes you flexible. It puts you outside of your comfort zone and transforms you. You need to adapt to the culture, the people, the food and even sometimes the language. Because of this, a traveler will most likely know how to be flexible in the workplace. They will know how to cope with changes and the best ways to help their employees deal with them.

You see past a resume

Traveling teaches you that a person is so much more than the building where they have worked in the past. Because you understand that people’s stories, their way of seeing life, the places they’ve visited can directly impact their performance, you will know how to make the best choices when building your team. Your perspective will shift from “He has 20 years of experience” to “He might not have more than 3 years of experience but because he worked in India with troubled teenagers, he might be more able to listen to others and make sure junior staff members are developing their full potential”

Go on, explore, discover. Traveling is one of the wisest investments you will ever make.

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