Staying home is a luxury many people wish they had on this day and age. This is why so many people look for careers in the freelance world. It allows us to manage our time, to spend more time with our family and provides a freedom we do not always have access to while working a 9-5. However, working from home can become our enemy of we do not plan well. We might loose our focus and fall behind on the things that need to be done.

Here are 4 tips to stay motivated while working from home:

Do not stay in bed

Staying in bed is productivity’s worst enemy. Laying in bed will, not only make you sleepy but also decrease your level of concentration. Set up a space where you feel comfortable to work without getting distracted. Put some music in the background if this is what works for you, sit down and work.

Set up an agenda

Setting up an agenda is the best way to keep a healthy work-life balance. Working from home can be tricky because it becomes easier for us to work at any time and forget to keep our balance. Setting up an agenda pushes you to establish specific hours where you work and hours where you close everything and spend time with your loved ones and take care of yourself.

Take breaks

Even while working form home, you need to take breaks to refresh your mind and rest. Do not think that, because you are sitting on a couch, that you are not doing any effort. Take breaks, go take a walk, take a nap. The important thing is to give your brain a rest so you can be more productive and motivated.

Stay fueled

Drink water and eat well! Do not be so focused on your work that you forget to put gas in your own energy tank! Keep a bottle of water near you, some fruits and do not neglect breakfast and lunch hours. If you want to stay motivated and healthy, you need to treat your body like the working machine it is and give it all the nutrients it needs.

Working from home have many perks but it is important to make sure you stay motivated and get the work done!

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