We all make mistakes. In real life, it is just harder to cope with them because we can rarely get by without paying the consequences. In the office, things are no different. Since mistakes are inevitable and that we will all, at some point or another deal with them, might as well learn how to face them. When you accidentally do something wrong, here are some things you can do other than running to the bathroom to hide from your boss

Take some time to breathe

In our moments of panic, we tend to be a little impulsive. No matter how stressed you might be feeling, take some time to think things through and breathe. Make sure you fully understand the situation before you decide to act upon it.

Be honest

No matter how uncomfortable things get, do not lie. It is better to be honest about your mistakes. Do not try to hide them or the situation might turn out worst than it actually is. Being honest with your boss will show that you are responsible enough to own up to your mistakes instead of hiding. Chances are, the earlier you tell him, the easier it will be to fix the situation.

Propose a plan B

Do not just announce the bad news. Propose a plan B. This will show that you took some time to think about ways to make things right. Sit down, breathe and write down the possible solutions

Be ready to make up for it

You need to be ready for the consequences. You might not loose your job but you might have to work harder to gain your superiors trust back. Be ready to do whatever needs to be done to make up for your mistakes.

Do not stay stuck in the past

While some experiences can lower our self-esteem, it is important to be ready to move on. Everybody makes mistakes but it is how we get back up that counts. Do not wear your failures like a price tag. Instead, keep moving forward.




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