Starting a business does not have to dry up your savings. There are ways to make sure you spend less money and still launch your the business of your dreams:

Use your basement

You might want to start big but managing your costs is crucial as an entrepreneur. Instead of renting out  place from the get go, use your basement, living room or coffee shops! Chances are you won’t even have a big staff to start with so why not find a room at your place where you can welcome staff and interns and work a few hours a day? This will help you save up a lot of money that you can invest in more important things for the business growth.


Whenever possible, do things yourself. Find out whatever skills you can use for the business. If you are good at web design, it will be a good idea to build your own website or setup your own logo. Starting a business doesn’t need to cost too much money if you take the time to think things through and do some yourself.

Hire interns

There are many young adults out there looking for a fun new experience. Why not test them out and get them to help you build your empire? It will only cost you a few coffee bags a month and maybe a lunch out once in a while.

Focus on customer loyalty

Instead of spending tons of cash for marketing, you might want to try focusing on customer loyalty and word of mouth first. Set up a platform so your customers can share their experiences and leave reviews. This platform has the potential to bring you more clients than ads ever will.


Do you have any tips on how you started your business? Share with us!




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