As an entrepreneur, it is easy to loose focus. The road can be long and difficult and it is normal to feel discouraged from time to time. However it is important in those times to remember the vision in front of you.

Set monthly goals

Setting short term goals will help you keep the big picture in mind and stay motivated. Goals are a daily reminder of why you are doing what you do and how to accomplish your goals. Setting goals is one of the besy ways to get a clear vision of where you are headed.

Share your vision with your team

Make sure you and your team are on the same page. When everybody is headed in a different direction, you will never reach the destination. Make sure you communicate your vision regularly. Communication is key and team work is essential.

Remember you WHY

Always remember why you started. When you have a reason why you do what you do, you will not easily loose focus. If you started your business to help a community, keep pictures of families in your office. This will be a reminder of why you should keep going.


What do you do to stay focused on your vision?



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