Team building is a very important aspect of entrepreneurship. When you start a business, chances are, you will need people to work with you in order to turn the vision into a reality. How do you make sure you lead them in the right direction? How can you use these human resources wisely and work with them towards your goals?

Here are 4 characteristics of  great team builder:

You lead by example

A good team builder knows that he needs to be ahead of his team. This means, making sure that, before telling them what to do and how to do things, he has already set the example for them to look up to. Nobody ever became a great leader simply by saying what they will do but instead, leaders start waking and know that their actions and vision will bring to right people to them.

You communicate your vision

A good team builder understands the importance of making sure each team member is headed in the right direction. In order to do so, the team builder needs to communicate his vision. Oftentimes we expect people to take action and make the right move without communicating the vision and the plan. A great team builder understands the importance of communication.

You listen to others

A great team builder takes the time to listen to his team. He understands that they are ONE and that it is important to listen to every concern. When you listen to others, your team gets stronger and can better accomplish what you need to accomplish.

You are open to change

A good team builder can adapt. If plan A did not work for the team, it is important to change the strategy. A good team builder knows when to make sacrfices for the team. He understands that sometimes it is better to change the plan if it will help the team reach the goal more easily and with more satisfaction. He keeps the big picture in front of him instead of being distracted by the details.


What do you think makes you a good team builder?
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