As freelancers, we want to get as many gigs as possible. Before accepting offers, it is important to ask ourselves some questions that will allow us to really see if we should accept or not.

Do I know how to do it? Or can I learn quickly?

Sometimes we need the money but we need to be honest enough and ask ourselves if we have what it takes to get the job done. If you do not have the skills, ask yourself if you can learn them in a short amount of time. There are many resources available but we need to make our researches as well and make sure we are qualified for the job.

Is it interfering with my other contracts?

It is better to take on less gigs and do the job well than taking on too much and ending up stress out, frustrated and with a bad reputation. You might need to postpone some gigs or simply turn them down. If you really don’t want to loose them you might want to hire someone to help you out. The important ting is to be realistic about what you can and cannot achieve.

Is it really beneficial to me as a freelancer?

Not everything is beneficial. You might need to concentrate on a specific field for a certain time in order to build an attractive portfolio. Do not touch everything at once. You might need to turn some gigs down in order to focus more on those aligned with your career goals.

Can I meet the deadlnline?

Discuss deadlines and flexibility. If you cannot meet the deadlines it is better to turn down the offer. It is better to be honest  than deal with angry clients

Is this a scam?

The internet is full of scams. If you got the offer through the internet, it is better to ask for a skype interview and make sure the company is legit before working for them. Some people just need you to get the job done and then disappear from all platforms before paying you. Make your researches before wasting your time!

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