Employee appreciation is so important. Employees are the fuel that keep the business going and growing. This is why it is crucial to make themĀ feel valued and appreciated

We do not always know what to do to show our employees that they are important to the company but it is often more simple than we think:

Celebrate birthdays

Celebrating birthdays is a must. Make sure you have a calendar with each employee’s birth date. Make sure there is a budget available for a cake and celebrate birthdays in the office. This will make your employees feel valued and create an activity that will strengthen the bond between them.

Ask about their side hustle

Chances are, many of your employees have small jobs on the side. It is important to remember what they are and maybe use their services when necessary. This will show your employees that you see more than what you ask them to do in their regular working hours. Sometimes bosses forget that employees are humans with other talents and hobbies but by using their side services or referring them to other people, you will make them feel valued and important.

Be flexible

Be flexible. Employees need to feel that they can have an honest relaionship with you. Put them at ease so they let you know when they need to take a day off, when they will be late because they have to take their kids to school or any other thing that humans have to deal with. When an employee doesn’t have to lie, you develop a better relationship and he feels more valued.

Surprise them with breakfast

Surprise breakfast is always a good idea. Many employees run late and do not have time to eat a proper breakfast. Once in a while, surprise them with some muffins, fruits and coffee. Not only because food is the way to the heart but also because it will help you bond with your employees while setting a positive tone for the day in the morning.

Employees are one of your most important assets. Treat them right and they will become the main actors of your business’ growth.


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