Marketing is a great field to be working in in 2017. It’s been a decade since the internet transformed print media, revolutionizing the rapidity at which news, articles and photos ar being shared. Among all the information circulating, businesses are interested in one thing, selling through the media. All social media platforms are now offering businesses opportunities to promote their work and direct potential buyers and consumers towards their business websites.

You might wonder what the best options are for a marketing major in the United States. Here is a list of the top 3 cities where we think you should start looking for a job:

Oakland, CA

Oakland, with a population of about 420,000 offers 547 full-time jobs in marketing, 81 Internships, 57 part-time jobs, 48 contracts, 33 comission jobs and 31 temporary jobss. Among these opportunities, 282 jobs require entry level of experience, 251 mid-level and 62 a senior level. You can search jobs in marketing in Oakland HERE

San Francisco, CA

San francisco has a population of about 860,000. Silicon Valley, located in the Southern San Francisco Bay area, is home to many startups and global technology companies. Among the companies formerly based in the San Francisco bay area, there is Facebook, Google, Bank of America, Gap Inc, AirBnb, Ebay, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Uber and so many more.

San Francisco’s marketing workers are one of the highest paid in the United States. 20% make six figures; 65% are among the top two-fifths of earners and marketing managers earn $110,000 salary on average. Even tough these numbers might scare you, there are great opportunities for entry level positions. Search for jobs in marketing in Oakland CA HERE

New York, New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. New york always has something to offer. Right now, there are more than 15,000 full time jobs available in New York, more than 1,000 internships, about 945 contrat jobs , about 700 part-time, more than 600 temporary and more than 500 comission jobs. More than 3,000 offer a $105,000+ salary and about 5,000 require entry level.

Search for jobs in New York HERE

Whether you want to work in data analysis, social media management, content creation, media planing, there is always something available for you whether you have experience or not. Click on the links to learn more about available positions.

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