Writing a good job description is one of the keys to attracting the right employees. The recruiting process can be both time consuming and draining. This is why it is so important to make sure we are not overdoing things. Here are 5 tips to help you write better job descriptions

Write relevant responsibilities

Through the list of responsibilities, candidates need to have a clear idea of what they will be doing. For example, it is not enough to write:

  • Report writing

But instead, you could post something like this:

  • The candidate will need to travel to different sites and write a detailed report of events. He/she may be required to provide pictures (a camera will be provided). The reports will be due 3 days after the event and will need to be submitted to his/her direct supervisor.

This way, the candidate will feel like there are no blurred spots and that he knows exactly what he is getting into.

Explain your values

The candidate needs to be able to relate to the company values and culture in order to create a sense of belonging. Your candidate needs to know about the environment where they will be working. Some companies think that it is not relevant to talk about company values in the job description but this could not be more false. When a candidate applies for a job, he applies for the whole company, its ways of seeing things, its mission and vision. If your business is environmentally friendly, feature that. If your corporate culture is laid-back, mention that. This will give your candidates a better idea of what to expect.


Make sure there are no spelling mistakes before you post your job description. There is nothing worst than multiple mistakes on a professional document. Make sure you have someone proofread to avoid grammatical and syntactical errors.

Provide a salary range

Many candidates go through the whole application and interview process, only to find out the salary was not convenient in the first place. This is exhausting and time consuming both for the candidates and the recruiters. Make sure this point is stated in the description to avoid wasting time.

Outline the Application Instructions

This is a point many companies tend to forget. They post the job descriptions with just a phone number and end up being overwhelmed with phone calls of potential candidates who simply do not know how to apply. Make sure you write a guideline for the application process. This will eliminate the headaches and insure you do not loose great potential candidates.


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