Your resume is like an identification card. The person reading it does not know you so your resume is what will make them want to meet you and potentially offer you a job at the company. How can you make sure your resume is attractive and represents you well?

Be short and precise

A long resume will not necessarily increase your chances of being hired but will most likely lessen your chances of keeping the reader’s attention.  It is better to keep it as short and precise as possible. Once you have listed all of your accomplishments, it is important to filter your information and take out the ones that are not very relevant to the position you are applying for.

Detail and quantify your accomplishments

Do not just talk about the jobs you had but take the time to detail your tasks and quantify your accomplishments.

For example:

Do not just state that you had a job in sales and marketing but describe your daily activities, say how many years you’ve worked for the company and the number of clients you have acquired. This will give your recruiter a better idea of what you can do, your strengths and the best position for you at their company.

Think ‘Clean’

No matter how relevant the information on your resume is, recruiters will probably not go through it if your text is not easy to read. There are a few things that will contribute to a clean and neat resume:

  • Use a font that is very easy to read. Do not try to get too creative because things could get messy. Arial, Times New Roman and Book Antiqua are nice options for a clean formatting
  • Use bullet points
  • Use wide margins
  • Make sure your text is centred
  • Use bigger fonts for the titles to help guide your reader’s eyes
  • Use 1.5 spacing.
  • Proofread. Nothing hurts the eyes more than mistakes on a professional document. Take the time to re-read.

Provide your old bosses contact information

This will prove that the information you have provided in your resume are true. Most bosses will not do a background check but it is always good to provide the information they will need in case they decide to do it.  You could also ask old bosses or teachers for recommendation letters. It is always good to have someone sliding in a good word for you.

Include your side gigs

Talking about what you do on the side will prove that you have the motivation to make things happen. It will give recruiters a better idea of your personality, passions and hobbies. It is always good to make the recruiter feel like they have an idea of the person behind the paper.



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