We all strive for growth. Not many people start at a company expecting to be at the same place in 5 years. Whether its getting promoted or getting different responsibilities, we all want to evolve. Sometimes, you have to go after it. What are some things to consider before asking for a raise?

Evaluate your performance

One thing about raises is that oftentimes you have to deserve them. It is not only about how long you’ve been working at the company for but you need to make sure your superiors are happy with your performance. Take the time to think about the feedbacks you have gotten from your past evaluations. Have you worked on your weaknesses? Have you met your objectives? Has your performance been progressing since you started working at the company? These are all questions to ask yourself in order to really see if you deserve the raise. If you cannot answer positively to these questions, then maybe you should first work on your performance. If you can answer positively then do not be afraid to ask for a raise.

Make sure the company is in a good financial position

Sometimes, businesses go through a rough time that does not allow them to operate as they should. This does not mean that they do not value your work but it is just that they are not able to demonstrate it properly at that time. You can always approach your boss and say you know the company is going through a rough patch and that you would like to discuss possibilities of raises when they will be ready. This will show that you know what is going on and have a sense of belonging to the company.

Have a number in mind

When asking for a raise make sure you have a number in mind. Tell your boss what percentage you would like to get and why. Walking in the meeting prepared will force them to take you more seriously. Most companies give you an idea of the growth opportunities from the get go so make sure you use this as a reference. You can even check with HR to know what is possible.


Do not feel guilty for asking for a raise. It is your right to strive for more. Just make sure you have the winning cards in hand.


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