Internships are a great way to aquire experience. Some are paid, others not but beyond the possibility of getting some cash, they are a way of learning, discovering what you love and stepping into the world of employment. Just like the job search, finding the right internship can be difficult. Here are 3 tricks that can help:

Use the right platforms

Know where to look. Whether you use a hiring agency or not, make sure you are looking in the right place. When it comes to job and internship search, research is key. There are many tools available today that will help you filter your information and look for what is right for you.

Ask around

Many people are looking for people who can help them out. Ask around and you will be happy to learn about all of the possibilities. If you know someone who’s friend owns a business, ask if they need help in any area. Word of mouth goes a long way!


Network network network. Do not wait till you are looking for a full-time employment to start networking. There are many opportunities out there for those who seek them. Show up to events, approach people, tell them about your interests.

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