Acquiring new customers is very important for a business. We all need ongoing sales to keep the business going and growing. What are some useful tips for acquiring the right customers?

Know your target market

If you have a clear understanding of who your customer is (and is not), then you can target potential customers and improve your ability to win them. Take the time to analyze who you want your customers to be (Age, geographic location, education level etc…) and identify the best ways to approach them.

Customer loyalty systems

It is one thing to get people to use your product or service, it is another to make sure they come back. Make sure you have ways to keep your current and future clients. You could suggest loyalty cards, discounts of second or third purchase or newsletters. Make sure you give them a reason to come back! Not only will this increase your clientele base but these customers will bring in new ones by word of mouth.


Networking is not only a great way to find a job but also to find customers!

Networking in your sector of activities is powerful not only because it allows you to understand changes in the sector, but it also puts you in touch with people who serve the same customer base in one form or another. This will allow you to easily get in touch with people who need your services or can refer you to the right people.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can guarantee new customers to your business, but it comes at a cost. Hence, you should always start by  making sure this is aligned with your overall goals.

Ask yourself if:

Is it to sell a product straight away?

Add a prospect to your email list?

Get people to engage with your website or content?

Paid advertising has the power to bring in many new customers for a very low cost. In many cases, it is worth the investment.


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