Job search can be tough. Sometimes, it is not about not hearing back from employers after applying but about not hearing back after an interview! If you have been called for job interviews but have failed to hear back from the company, you might be doing one of these 10 things wrong:


1. Not doing your research

It is not enough to know how to do your job. You also need to know how the company operates. Take the time to do a little research before the interview. The company’s website should be able to provide all the information you will need so that you have a clear idea of who they are, what they do and their history. Showing up at your interview with no knowledge of the company’s way of operating has the potential to lessen your chances of making a strong impression.

2. Turning up late

Showing up late for an interview is a big no no. Unless you have a very good excuse and ring ahead to rearrange, turning up late for an appointment will be a red flag for any recruiter

3. Dressing inappropriately

Take the time to learn more about what type of attire is expected at the company. Business casual? Stricly formal? First impression is very important and will play a big role in how your recruiter percieves you even before the interview process starts.

4. Poor body language

The way you carry yourself speaks louder than you could imagine. Make sure your hands are not sweaty. Do not avoid eye contact, take the time to smile, avoid scratching, coughing or anything that will portray low self esteem or anxiety.

5. Speaking negatively about your current employer or colleagues

Badmouthing won’t reflect well on you. Employers are looking for a sense of loyalty in their future employees. They need to be able to trust that, no matter what, you will not badmouth their company as soon as something does not go as you had planned or wished.

6. Being too quiet

Ask questions! Enployers need to feel some kind of interaction during the interview. Show some interests by asking questions and making comments.

7. Lying on your CV

Anything written on your CV could be discussed at an interview and a fabrication about your work or education record could damage your reputation in the long run.

8. Getting personal or too familiar

No matter how relaxed your interviewer seems to be, never get too familiar. Remember your good manners and remember this is a job interview, not a lunch out with an old friend. Avoid cursing at all times and do not share inappropriate tales about your crazy life.

9. Sitting down before invited

It’s common courtesy to wait until you’re shown a seat to sit down. Also, avoid slouching or putting your feet anywhere but firmly on the ground.

10. Not following up

You might not think you’ve performed well in an interview or that they have forgotten about you but truth is, a simple call or email could be what it takes. Many employers are too busy and manage their time very poorly. Take some time to followup without harassing.
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