During interviews, you are put under the spotlight. You have to answer so many questions and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. What you might not know is that some common interview questions are actually illegal and you do not need to answer them. Woufff... What a relief.


Your age

Although this information will probably be known, you employer is not allowed to directly or indirectly ask you about your age. If you feel comfortable answering the question you are entitled to do so, but if not you can query whether or not your age is relevant to your application before answering. Just make sure you respect any specific requirement stated in the job description so that no unexpected conflict arises in the future.


Your matrimonial status

Answering a question like this can disclose a lot more information than you realize, and that information can easily be used to discriminate. If you are asked this question, it is ok to tell your employer you do not feel comfortable discussing these topics in a professional environment.


If you have been arrested before

Employers can conduct independent research into your background online, so you may find it beneficial to be honest and open about your past if you have been arrested prolifically in your youth. However, They are not entitled to enquire about your arrest record.


Questions about physical appearances

Questions related to your general health can be tricky. While employers cannot ask you questions about sicknesses or disabilities, they can ask questions that are directly related to the job you will have to perform inside the company. They might ask if you are physically able to carry certain weights or work past a certain time. Just make sure the questions are strictly professional.  You do not need to answer if they ask you about the scar on your face for example.

Questions about your drinking habits

There are laws to protect recovering alcoholics under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Under the terms of these laws, recovering alcoholics are not compelled to reveal any information that may hint at their status and the same principle applies to anyone who has suffered with substance abuse in their lives. You cannot, however, refuse to comply to the routine drug tests that the company may ask you to do.


Questions about your religious background

Unless you are applying for a job at a company that is very transparent about their religious views and practices, an employer cannot ask you questions about your own religious background. These types of questions have the power to discriminate as employers might try to figure out if your practices and obligations will interfere with he work. There are, however, ways to go about this. Employers can simply ask if you are available to work on sundays or saturdays without getting in details.

Your origins

Employers can’t legally inquire about your nationality, but they can ask if you’re authorized to work in a certain country. Oftentimes, it might just be a casual question if you have an accent but remember that you are under obligation to answer.

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