There is a difference between being a leader and a manager. As a boss, you may have a tendency to think that you naturally have the qualities of a leader, when in reality, your actions and way of thinking only put you at the managing level inside the company.- While a leader leads by example, a manager is only concerned with monitoring and evaluating. They cannot see trust. They believe that without their constant inspection and evaluation, their department would fall to pieces. If you truly want to be an employer who is able to lead his employees in the right direction, you will need to put your manager hat on the side and be a leader. Not everybody is fit to be a leader. However, if you want to be more involved in your team and reach more success, there are some things that you will need to work on.

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Ask your teammates for their opinion

As a leader, you should not be afraid to ask your teammates for their opinions and suggestions. When some managers say “I’ll take that idea under advisement” they want to shut you up. They have no intention of considering your idea. It is not about having it your way at all times but being confident in your team enough to give them the space and flexibility to add their own touch to the work that needs to be done.

Be courageous enough to recognize your mistakes

A leader, unlike a manager, is not only here to simply execute a task. He is here to learn and grow with his team. This is why it is not hard for them to recognize their mistakes. While a manager will most likely focus on protecting himself from a bad evaluation, a manager will see every situation as a growing opportunity for him and for his team.

Acknowledge your employees’ work/Give them visibility

While most managers measure their success based on how well they have performed, a leader knows that the organization’s success will be the proof of his own success. He does not see himself as a separate entity but as one of the main organs of the organization. Do not hesitate to vocalize your teammate’s accomplishments and to give them the credit they deserve.

Have a team spirit

Be ready to work WITH THEM and not only make them work for you. Do your best so that everybody is involved and working together. As a leader, you must be able to gather your team together instead of making them feel like you are the wall separating them.


No employee wants to work with the type of people who do not stick to their word, do not take their opinion into consideration or simply wants all of the glory for themselves. If you do no think of yourself as a leader after reading this, take the time to work on these points. There is always room for improvement. You employees and teammates will thank you!

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