Between the application process and the interview, you have many opportunities to showcase your talents. However, many job seekers do not invest enough time to make that valuable and positive first impression. Almost three-quarters of hiring managers say they offer jobs to who showcase results from previous roles. How good are you at providing evidence, and are you highlighting the right skills?

Email communication 

Employers use email to ask for more information, request interviews and provide status updates. This is a chance to highlight your strengths in communication. Make sure you answer to every single question. As tempting as it is to respond as quickly as possible, avoid replying too hastily, and always double check your work. Make sure it is error-free and that your tone is as formal as possible

Show samples of work.

The best evidence of writing skills are samples of your work.

You could use:

  • Your case study summary
  • Your recent business book review
  • The summary of key points from a professional meeting you attended.
  • If you are a blogger, this is also an excellent way to show your writing skills

While you are in the job search process, take the time to see if you have anything you could use to show your writing skills. If not, instead of being passive, it might be the time to volunteer or find activities that will help you create a useful portfolio.

 Your cover letter and résumé must be error-free. 

First impressions are lasting impressions. While not all employers are as discriminating, some will instantly reject candidates for careless errors within your resume. Make sure you proofread your documents and that the format is very clean. Keep in mind that these documents are what will represent you during the selection process. Find ways to make sure you are not eliminated before they can actually meet you and discover how amazing you are!

But even when you get to meet them,

Keep them engaged during the interview process

During your interview, speak with a clear voice and make sure you give direct answers to their questions. Avoid being too vague and spending too much time on a question. Also, make sure you ask smart questions that are linked to your interview questions. This will help your interviewers see you as someone who knows how to speak his/her mind, who will not be afraid to speak in public and who knows how to get what he/she wants.

Take the time to listen

When you meet with a potential employer, take the time to listen without interrupting, show interest in what they are saying by nodding and commenting. Our ability to communicate is often linked to our ability to listen.

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