Some organizations conduct external recruitment and realize that they have made the wrong choice because their new employee is not totally the right fit for the company’s overall mission and vision. Advantages of internal recruitment are more than just cutting on advertisement costs because it offers wonderful opportunities for the current staff to further their careers. Internal recruitment could also be a great way of keeping good workers who may have been considering a flight from the company and give them a good reason the stay.

Keep in mind that internal recruitment is not always the best option for you. In certain cases, it will be best to hire externally. However, sometimes, looking internally for your candidate can turn out to be just what your company needs.

Here are 5 benefits of recruiting internally: 

Increase Employee Morale

Employees want to see that their company values them and have provided opportunities for forward progression. In addition, employees feel they are a part of the company and not just a “worker bee”.  When they see growth opportunities, it will encourage them to be more involved, bring new ideas to the table and be more productive.

Cheaper and more time-effective

Recruiting for a position internally can be cheaper than doing so externally. When you realize there is a need to fill in a position, make sure you meet up with HR managers and supervisors in order to really identify the needs. Then find ways to communicate the information in the office by sending emails to the organization, communal areas, break rooms or the company website. This will help you save time and money. It will allow you to find your ideal candidate quicker while avoiding going through external agencies.

The average organization spends close to $1000 a year on training for each employee; a cost that includes the time spent by managers and experienced co-workers in teaching and demonstrating the requirements of the job. An internal recruit would need no orientation and far less training. 

Protecting company knowledge

Recruiting externally could prove to be more difficult if the knowledge and experience needed to perform the job function is organizationally based. If your organization is one that operates in a more of a specialized, it could be a good option to recruit internally as this will guarantee the knowledge and know-how stays inside the company.

Protecting customer royalty

Your existing staff members already know your regular customers and hopefully have a positive relationship with them. This can be a great benefit and help you retain your customer loyalty and brand identity while making the transition from one person to another.

Facilitate succession planning

Succession planning aims to ensure that the right people are in the right position at the right time to achieve the organization’s business goals. All organizations, no matter their size, need succession planning. By grooming talented employees to move into higher positions as they become available, the organization can benefit from the skills and talent in its workforce.


Internal recruitment is only successful if all employees have equal access to information about available positions and are all given the opportunity to apply. Hiring internally can also lead to internal politics and resentment between employees, so it is important that it is handled diplomatically. Unsuccessful candidates should be provided with feedback and encouragement and there should be a clear internal recruitment policy available to employees and managers.

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