A temporary employment agency’s mission is to attract, recruit and match talented people for employment at various companies. Their role is to place you on a specific assignment at a specific business they are contracted with. The temp employment  agency is the vessel between the company and potential candidates and they are responsible for most of the exchanges between the two parties.

When job seekers decide to go through a temp agency, it is not only about having someone do the search for you. There are also ways to make sure that, as a job seeker you make the most out of the agency in order to be matched properly.

Do your ressearch

Just as companies have different cultures, so do temp employment agencies. Some agencies are specialized in certain skills and sector of activities. Make sure you look them up to really know what type of candidates they are looking for. Doing so will help you save so much time and really help you be more effective in your research.

Make sure you have direct contact with your recruiter

When you are done with the initial paper work (filling up forms, submitting resumes and letters…) make sure you try to meet the recruiter. Remember the agency will try to match you with the company by considering the company’s needs and your skills. Meeting the recruiter will help you know each other better. He will be able to have a better idea of where you can fit and will also be able to give you more details about the available temporary positions. Because the agency has contact with so many businesses, the temp agency can also help you clarify what you are really looking for, which will decrease your chances of accepting the wrong job offer. Do not be afraid to ask your interviewer questions that you may not want to ask your prospective employer directly. Use this interview to ask about all aspects of the job. This is your chance to ask whatever you need to ask about the company. Do not miss it out!

Do not stop searching

Even though you are relying on the agency to match you, it is a good idea to keep doing your research. It is not a bad thing  to submit your resume to multiple agencies. Make sure you increase your chances of being noticed. If you go through an online service, you will not get a chance to meet up with a recruiter. If the keywords on your resume are picked up through the online service’s algorithms and an employer finds you, you will get contacted by the prospective employer but real live recruiters will want to know if you have applied elsewhere. And if you have already applied for certain jobs, they won’t submit you to avoid duplicating your efforts.

Use job search sites

Many staffing agencies pair up with job search sites, like Shortstints,  in order to facilitate the process. By signing up today for free, you will get connected to employers, job tips and more tools that will make your job search for a temp job easier. By searching for positions on job search websites, you will have access to more information and be more aware of what is available to you.

Spend time on your resume

Just like when applying directly at a company, it is important to make sure your resume is on point when applying for a temp job . Take time to really detail your past accomplishments, to filter your information and really keep what is relevant.


A job search that does not include the professional help of a temp agency or staffing firm is incomplete. If you do not know where to start, ask around for great staffing companies that will help your job search be less of a headache.

There are multiple advantages in using a temp agency like the fact that they help you to really see which position can be matched to your skills. The fact that your recruiter already knows the company will decrease the chances of bad match ups. Plus, recruiters also know about jobs that aren’t posted which leaves the door open for them to suggest something that you did not even know was out there.

Do not bypass this great service that is available to you!


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