Every company wants to find the best candidates for its job openings. For startups with a small budget, finding the perfect fit is even more important as hiring the wrong candidate can have heavier consequences on their Cash Flow. – When recruiting, you want to attract the people who will be the right fit for the company and the industry in which you operate. While there are no one size fits all formula for recruiting the right person, the traditional way of doing things is not always the best. Sometimes, it requires stepping out of your comfort zone in order to find your best match. Here re 4 four unconventional places to find your next employee:

Social media

Social media is becoming more and more an effective tool for finding the right employees.  Social media is like a virtual portfolio as it allows you to screen people and build an opinion of them based on what they share. For example, someone’s social media page might give you more than a clear idea of their photography skills. – Plus, it is easy to reach out to people on social media, unless they are celebrities and can’t go through their thousands of messages. So if you see someone who could be a good fit for your company on social media, reach out! Ask them if they would be interested in the position. Make sure you provide useful information such as your website and business address, as there are many scams on social media. Put the person at ease by being as transparent and informative as possible.

Career fairs

Career fairs can turn out to be a employer’s paradise as it puts them in direct contact with so many job seekers. It is the perfect place to tell people about your company and meet potential candidates in person and get a feel of their personality instead of having to guess through an application form. If you know about career fairs happening near you, highly consider participating. Your perfect candidate might be there!

Panels & lectures

 Industry panels and lectures are held very often, especially in larger metropolitan areas. Participating in or hosting a panel is a great way to not only position your company as an expert in your field, but also find potential candidates. It is a great way of gathering members of multiple industries and to network network network !

Open house

A great way to build buzz and get the word out is to host an Open House at your office. If your company doesn’t have room, consider hosting your Open House at a meeting space or restaurant nearby.The goal is to create a low pressure environment where prospective employees can get to know your company. They get to talk to current employees and ask questions about the company culture and more. You can even plan some fun activities that will give your guests an idea of what it is like to work for you. Plus, you can become familiar with a large pool of candidates for current and future job openings.


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