Open house hiring events are a soft approach that pulls talent in and gives them a glimpse of the world that is your company.

The beauty of this process is that:

  • It enables you and your top managers to review a much larger pool of candidates
  • It increases your chances of hiring people better suited to the job or jobs you’re offering and your company – people you may not have even considered if all you had seen was their resume.
  • Star employees can present and serve as brand ambassadors.
  • Opportunity to interview top talent onsite.
  • Great networking

Here are some useful tips to make sure you plan a successful open house hiring event

Plan the date

Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan the event. Make sure to keep in mind any occasions where more people may be unable to attend, such as the last week of a quarter. – Potential employees who would like to attend may currently be employed elsewhere and will need to arrange time off. Make sure you get the word out soon enough for them to plan.

Advertise the event

Create a special landing page on your website dedicated to the event. If your business location is accessible to the public, make use of easily visible signs or posters advertising the event. Use social media platforms to get the word out! Reach out to your network of recruiters so they can promote the open house to their contacts. Job forums, career websites and industry groups are also worthwhile outreach targets.

Get your staff involved

Your staff must work together and pool their efforts to plan and organize the open day. In order to guarantee the success of your event, your staff needs to get involved in the planning process. They need to understand that they play in important role as they have they will be the company’s ambassadors during the event. Make sure members of staff are briefed about the event and clear on the role they each need to play in order to make it a success.

Set up the proper atmosphere

The atmosphere should be professional yet casual. Make sure there is plenty of time for casual conversations between prospects and company ambassadors. Also make sure you  include structured periods for things like tours or presentations. Make sure to have a formal check-in process and ask everyone wear name tags. Having a table for snacks and drinks is also a very good idea. People tend to get a little more relaxed around finger foods. it helps to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and also to avoid any awkward silences.

Teach them something

At some point during your Open House, have your CEO speak briefly about your company and its mission. The presentations should be no more than 5-10 minutes, but should teach your guests about your company and its mission. This will allow your candidates to have a better understanding of what they would be getting into if they joined your team. Your human resources director might even describe the specific details of the job or jobs, pay, and benefits for which you are currently hiring.

Present your team

Introduce management team members for five- to ten-minute presentations about their departments, function, expectations, and training of people who work there. This will give your guests a feel of what it is like to work at he company. It is always better to have someone explaining things to us than to read a job description.

Have a spy

Have staff members circulate, listen, and take notes. Take advantage of the interesting feedback you’ll get on what people are saying about your company, competitors, and the larger community. It is always goof to know what potential candidates think about your company.

Get your guests’ contact info

The main goal of an open house in to create a contact between potential candidates and the company. A common mistake many employers commit is to forget to collect guests’ info and to follow-up! Make sure you have a system in place to collect your guests’ info as soon as they step in (name, email, telephone). It could be as simple as having a sheet of paper at the entrance that they can fill out. Make sure you have someone sitting there to ensure that every guest fills it out.


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