While in college, if you manage your time well, you can create opportunities that will benefit you in the long run, such as making the right connections and acquiring experience. Temping is a great way to do so. A temp job doesn’t just have a way to make money, it can service as a gateway to better opportunities. At the very least, you will gain more clarity about your career path.

Here are 4 reasons why temping while in college is a great idea.

Save time and money

While working at the cafeteria or school library might bring in some cash, it does not allow you to really see what it is like to work in your chosen field. Many college students do not know if they are making the right career choice after college. In addition to the immediate cash you pocket for your temping efforts, temping can help you save thousands of dollars by helping you know exactly which career path you wish to embark on. Many times, college students choose a major, only to realize after interning for a few weeks that it is not the career they wish to pursue. Temping might also turn out to be the confirmation that you’ve made the right decision by choosing a specific major.

Valuable experience

As a college student, your focus might be on making some money and maybe learn a few skills while you are at it. But what you may not know is how empowering temping can be for a college student or recent grad. More than the money, it allows you to acquire valuable experience, which will be well needed in the future, when you will be handing out resumes to potential employers.

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Temping provides the rare chance to try out jobs in specific industries and companies without a long-term commitment. Temping as a college student allows you to gain exposure to a specific industry. It also allows you to get a foot in the door of a specific company and increases your chances of getting hired full-time after graduation.

Networking opportunities

While working as a temp, you can demonstrate your abilities to key people and make lasting connections that will last throughout your career. It is never too early to start networking. While in college, it is the perfect time to start making yourself known. This will facilitate your job search process when you graduate.

More organized at school

Studies have shown that students holding part-time jobs during school tend to be more organized, have higher GPA’s, and stay in school. Not having too much leisure time in college helps you be more focused and pushes you to manage your time well. While this statement might vary depending on students’ personalities, there is no doubt that, in general, not having too much time at hands will force you to be more disciplined.


It doesn’t take much to get started in the world of temping. You can search for a temp job on Shortstints today or start contacting local temp agencies.


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