Employees are one of the most important assets you can have as an entrepreneur. Without the right team, it does not matter how great the vision is. Without the human resources, there is no proper execution of ideas. This is why it is so important to build a strong team of employees. The happier your employees are, the best results you will get.

Many employers are afraid to get close to their employees because they think it might affect the respect if things get too personal. It is important to build a relationship of mutual respect between you and your employees. However, it is important not to build walls so high around you that your employees feel like they can never reach you. How can you build a strong team while keeping your boundaries?


The power of team building

Make sure you hire the right candidates

Sometimes, hiring the wrong candidate can affect the team’s dynamic and affect your results. Taking the time during your recruiting process to truly identify your needs and the criteria for the right fit for the team, you will decrease your chances of making mistakes. Make sure your HR department has a clear profile description for each employee, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

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5 tips to make sure you hire the right person

Build a relationship of trust

Communication is key when it comes to building trust between you and your team. When your employees trust you and believe in your vision, they will be more willing to triple their efforts in order to reach the desired goals. Make sure you communicate your vision to your staff as soon as they start working. Be honest about your expectations, what you like and what you do not like. Be as transparent as you possibly can. Keep in mind that your employees will follow your values, personality and integrity, not you as a person. Also make sure that you set up a proper atmosphere for open communication between your employees. They should be able to feel at ease when it comes to sharing their ideas or concerns. Create a space where it is easy to speak up and communicate with respect.

Value your employees

Not only do your employees need to trust you, but you also need to trust them. This implies that you are willing to trust that they are able to do the work that needs to be done. While micro-managing is necessary sometimes, it is very important that you, as an employer, are able to step back and let the team do their job. This will show that you respect and value them, and this, has the power to make them more proactive. Take the time to listen to them as much as you need them to listen to you. You will be surprised by how many great ideas are just sitting there just because the employees do not think that their opinion will be valued. Be the kind of boss who “leaves their office door open”. This means that employees should feel at ease to come to you and share ideas.

Allow employees to sharpen their skills

Allowing your employees to sharpen their skills is also a great way of making them feel valued. Provide opportunities that will help them grow.

These opportunities for growth can include:

  • Paying for formal education
  • Internal or external training
  • Bringing in industry professionals for lunch

You can also share calendars of upcoming professional events that they can attend. Your company can offer transportation so employees can attend these events together. Always create opportunities to invest in your employees. The more they sharpen their skills, the more they will be able to pour into your company.

Reward your employees

Make sure you reward your employees for their excellence. Find ways to make your best employees feel set apart and recognized. You could set up systems like: Employee of the month recognitions, raises, promotions etc… It can be as simple as writing an email or a personal thank you note for their accomplishments. Employees just need to know you see their hard work. Create a team that strives for excellence in everything they do.

Get your team involved in general evaluations

Your team needs to be involved when it comes to evaluating results and changing strategies. Remember that, you might be the head of the pyramid, but your team is the foundation keeping you there. It is important to get them involved in meetings so you can discuss if the objectives are being met and what could be changed in order to increase the company’s performance. You might have great ideas but your employees are the ones really involved in the day to day activities of the job. This means that they are in a good position to identify what goes wrong and what could be better. Ask your employees what they think about certain things. When you do so, your employees will feel like they are really a part of the company and as a result, work better.



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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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