Job interviews can be stressful. How can you prepare yourself?

Carefully re-read the email

When recieving an acceptance email/letter, we can get carried away by excitement and miss out on certain important details. As the day of your interview approaches, take the time to re-read the email to make sure you check the time, location and any other important detail.

Verify the company’s address

Make sure you test drive the address. This will allow you to truly calculate the distance so that you avoid being late at your interview. Even though technology allows us to google the maps and distances, errors are sometimes inevitable. This is why it is important to drive or take public transportation to the interview place days before your appointment. Try doing this at the exact time you plan on leaving your house so that you have a clear idea of traffic and other factors that could slow you down.

Prepare your documents

Print out your portfolio and any other thing that could be useful to show during your interview. Once the interview starts, you won’t be able to look for documents. It is better to have everything you will need in hands.

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Research the organization

Researching the organization, its mission, values and culture, will help you stand out. Showing that you have a good idea of what the company is all about will increase your chances if making a good impression and being selected. Also, prepare to ask about the organization or position based on your research.

Pick an outfit

Do not wait for the last minute to decide what you will wear to your interview. Not only can this make you late, but it is better for you to do some research in order to know what the company expects in terms of outfit and presentation. If you are not sure of what to wear, going with a conservative and neutral look is a good idea. Make sure your outfit is clean and without wrinkles.


Before your interview, take the time to rest and build your confidence. Practice your body language in front of your mirror, identify any weird behaviors (hands shacking, scratching etc…) and try to correct them. Smile, sit up straight and do not put anything on their desk without permission. Respect your interviewer’s private space and do not try doing too much. Remain relaxed and natural.

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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