Landing a temp job is a great way to step foot in a field you love and acquire experience. As a temp employee, you will have many opportunities to develop your career and even transition from temp to full-time.

Once you’re working in a temporary position, how can you increase your chances of converting the opportunity to a permanent position?


One of the best ways to surpass yourself is to think beyond your immediate responsibilities. It is easy for someone to do the minimum by executing exactly what has been asked to execute. However, in order for your superiors to notice you, you must bring something extra to the table.  Respect your deadlines, be sure to review your work carefully, ask for additional work whenever it is possible and always get things done. Add value to the company by being a leader and looking for opportunities to grow. Always strive for excellence and ask your superiors what else can be done.


Take advantage of every opportunity to network within the company. Do not stay stuck in your department but show an interest in the different branches of the company. Get to know people from other  departments, ask questions about what they do and  and build relationships across the organization. When people inside the company know you, it will be easier for them to think of you once a permanent position opens up.


Be highly professional in all you do. Do not act as if you are here for a season (even if you are). People at the company must be able to already see how you would fit in a permanent position. If you act the part of a part-timer/seasonal employee, it will be hard for them to take you seriously in a full-time capacity. Do not just talk about your interest in working full-time, show them how serious you are.


Many employees show up at 8 to leave a 5, without ever truly being a part of the company. Make sure you do you research so that you have general knowledge about the company, its values and culture. Demonstrate your engagement and interest by taking the time to see the bigger picture. Think about ways to be more integrated: Participate in activities, eat lunch with different people, consider joining after work activities…

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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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