When trying to hire top candidates for your clients, there are a few things to keep in mind. As the mediator between the company and the candidate, it is your job to make sure you represent both parties well. You have the responsibility to not only represent the your client’s culture and values but also, make sure you pick the perfect candidate for the temp position. This can be stressful as your results will directly affect your agency’s image.

What can you do to help your staffing agency hire the best candidates for your clients?

Take the time to understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee

As a hiring firm, in order to match the right candidate to the company, it is important for you to truly understand what the company is looking for in a temp employee. The job description might talk about the required skills but there are some personality traits that are important to discuss. Make sure you identify what most companies are looking for so that you can make sure your candidates will be appealing to them. Many companies might be looking for employees who are punctual or employees who have a strong respect of authority. Take the time to list all of the characteristics that are requested the most so that your pool of candidates can be as attractive as possible. This will make your staffing agency more appealing to employers and as a result, more appealing to temp job seekers.


What do employers look for in a temporary employee?

Partner with Shortstints

Posting a temp job opening on Shortstints will increase your chances of attracting the right candidates. More and more temp job seekers are considering applying through job search websites. By posting job descriptions online, you increase your visibility so that potential temp employees can find you quicker. Plus, this is a great way of adding value to your data base.

Have a great team of interviewers

Conducting successful job interviews is key if you want your temp agency to select the right candidates for your clients. Make sure your interviewers are professionals who have been trained and know exactly what questions to ask. Choosing the wrong candidate will cost your company more money than choosing the right one ever will. A bad reputation means that candidates won’t be interested in interviewing with your company.  it will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients. This will affect your agency’s image and might even cause you to loose important clients.


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Ann-Sophie Ovile, Writer, Short Stints

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